Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you saying that ACORD forms, carrier downloads, insurance accounting, e-signature, customer portal is all included at no additional cost? Most vendors charge extra fees for those features. A: Yes. Those are all included in our monthly subscription fee.
Q: Does an agency have to commit to a long-term contract and be penalized if they choose to leave early? A: No. We offer a month-to-month contract.
Q: What about implementation costs, training and support? What are the costs? A: We do all of this at zero cost.
Q: What about texting and email? A: We utilize Outlook365 for email and calendar. Your agency will need a subscription from Microsoft. Texting is handled by Vonage and your agency subscribes directly. We do not add any markups for texting.
Q. What about carrier downloads? A: We are certified with IVANS for hundreds of carriers plus Progressive and Erie Insurance Company.
Q: Is our data safe? A: Yes. Quikfuzion utilizes Amazon for world class security.
Q: If I want to leave, do you charge me to get a copy of my data like many other vendors? A: Absolutely not.
Q: Do you sell my data? A: Absolutely not.